I know you know all about transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair, but do you know it is also possible to transition from damaged to healthy hair? No you didn’t? Ok fasten your belts and come on this learning journey with me

Your hair might be damaged from either heat and/or chemical relaxers and you’re hoping to have healthy hair again.

Depending on the severity of damage the easiest solution might be to cut it all off and start over again, but not everyone would want to go this route. And even for people in this category there is still hope! It will take a lot of self-care and love to learn your hair and nurse out the natural beauty — it’s a process! If you want to be free of damage and gradually transition into healthy hair again here’s what you need to do…

You need to Identify the cause of damage to your hair(heat or chemical, over manipulation, lack of care) and stop it! Find healthy alternatives to those damaging practices or habits.

Once this is done you keep caring for your hair and slowly trimming dead/damaged ends off. Depending on the severity of damage you might need to trim off 2 to 4 inches, even more sometimes, do it! Keeping in mind that holding on to damaged hair will keep you from achieving your goal. And repeat the process until all dead/damaged ends are eventually all cut out and all you have is your healthy hair. This might take you months to achieve but in the end it’ll be worth it.

Our Breakage defense kit also doubles as a damage defense kit and is especially beneficial for anyone experiencing damage.

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