Full sabi man beard kit


A grooming, growth and styling kit for your beard, beard balm benefits your beard by softening facial hairs and boosting your beards’ health. With a strong hold that lasts for hours, beard balm helps you keep stray hairs under control and style your beard with ease, keeping it in perfect shape throughout the day.

The beard oil conditions the skin underneath your beards and stimulates hair growth on beards and the scalp.

The beard wash is a gentle yet cleansing wash for hair and beards that also helps to prevent hair loss as well as skin infection on scalp and beards.

1. Easier Styling
2. Leaves beards smelling amazing.
3. Protection From Elements.
4. Makes Your Beard Healthier.
5. Gives Some Volume To Your Facial Hair.
6. Brings Out Perfect Conditions For Growth.
7. Prevents Itchiness and Dandruff.

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Full sabi man beard kit
Full sabi man beard kit