Now that you have purchaded and recieved your childs Afro hair care kit, we have taken time to explain how to use them for maximum results.
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Before proceeding into the shower, ensure that her hair is properly detangled. Using Floral Essence Mist or leave in conditioner and put her hair into sections if its thick.

Wash her hair with shampoo and rinse, don’t comb

Immediately after rinsing apply deep conditioner to her hair making sure to soak every strands of hair you can now comb through gently with a wide tooth comb. If her hair is difficult to combat at once divide her her into sections and comb starting from the tips down to the roots. Leave deep conditioner on her hair for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it out

Immediately afterwards gently mop off excess water with a microfiber towel and apply leave in conditioner immediately while her hair is still damp coat every strands of hair follow this immediately with antibald hair cream on her hair and massage some into her scalp

Apply few drops of oil on her hair and scalp too

Put he her into twists to air dry before styling

Within the week moisturize her hair with leave in if it feels dry at any point also before loosening her hairstyle for the week to initiate breakage sort water first then apply leave in or hair